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Yo Party Lovers, 

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat . . . . apparently. But for sure the WRCS Almost Christmas Party is not far away and it will be time to chuck a Chuckie Glder. So here is an interesting one for you to build and fly in the prize laden event (well at least one prize). Here are some tips

0. the plan prints out on A4 - it should fill a page of A4 so scale it if it doesn't. You might need to save it as a picture before you print it.

1. build it 150% size as it is little and can be blown away by a butterflys fart. Wings, foreplane and fin from 1/16 and fuse from 1/8 or 3/32.

2. put a piece of 1/16 across the top of the fin to stop it splitting off (mine did!)

3. test glide and be prepared for some nose weight and a cg further forward than on the plan.

4. to catapult launch put a peg in about an inch (ok, 2.54cms) in front of the cg and re-enforce the side of the fuse with a bit of 1mm ply or simlar to stop it breaking in half (mine did!)

It took about 1/2hour to build from the scrap box.

Now here's an idea, send this on to anyone you think will build one and then BUILD 2 MORE for the kids whose dads dont build one!

Mike M

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