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Just a heads-up that Saturday 12th August is a new event for our club, this year, in response to a number of requests for a non-competitive scale event.

All members are invited, and visitors are welcome. 

The event will run from 8am to 5pm and will include:

1) Barbecue - the gas barbecue will be available for all members to use. Please bring your own food and drinks. The club won't be catering this one

2) Scale fun fly - no judging, no competition, just a general scale sport event

3) open and sport flying - bring and fly whatever you want

4) Quirky stuff - we'll have a lighthearted competition for people who like flying diesels, vintage, autogyros, flying toilet seats and other wierd stuff - especially home designed!

5) Boot sale - bring your own tressle and try and shift your treasure (and trash). This replaces the trash and treasure acution for this year

6) Racing - tiger/scanner, open IC pylon, open electric pylon, and maybe some slow stuff as well.

The idea is that this will be a casual event, all for fun, and we hope that members and their families will come along and support it.


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