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The following table shows the club champion and runner-up each year (as decided by points scored in the various WRCS club events throughout the year), as well as the clubman (clubperson of course) of the year nominated for their contribution and participation, awarded for special contribution and participation - above and beyond, that sort of thing. The next two columns are for the scale model of the year, which must be built by the pilot/entrant, from scratch or plans - some superb models. The final column is for Mort's Mug - a trophy awarded at the Autumn glider comp, each year, for the single highest scoring flight. 

Congratulations to all!

By the way, if you can fill in any of the gaps, please drop me a line.


Year Club Champion Runner Up          Clubman of the Year   Scale Trophy Winner Winning Scale Model  

Mort's Mug


Mike Minty George Atkinson       Marty Cowan Spitfire   Col Buckley
2016 David Foster Mike Minty       Tom Sparkes Laird Turner   Mike Minty
2015 David Foster Clive Weatherhead       Mike Minty Sopwith Pup   Grant Neill
2014 Mike Minty David Foster       Doug Radford Tiger Moth    
2013 David Foster Clive Weatherhead       Mike Minty Sopwith Pup   Col Buckley


Doug Radford David Foster       Stan Begg Chipmunk    
2011 Mike Minty Dean Schuback       Doug Radford Tiger Moth   David Foster
2010 Mike Minty David Foster   Peter Wyss   Stan Begg Bronco OV10    
2009 Mark Connor Doug Radford   Col Buckley   Simon Press P38J   Mike Minty
2008 Al Zuger David Foster   Tom Wolf   Doug Radford Avro Avian    
2007 Al Zuger     Des Rim   Marty Cowan Spitfire   Al Zuger
2006 Al Zuger     Ron Clark   Peter Papas Pitts S2A    
2005 Tom Sparkes     Brian Porman & Grant Furzer   Simon Press P38J    
2004 Tom Sparkes         Grant Furzer TU95 Bear    
2003 Tom Sparkes         Garry Morris Extra 300L    
2002 Col Simpson         Stan Begg AVG Kittyhawk    
2001 Tom Sparkes         Stan Begg ME110    
2000 Tom Sparkes         Stan Begg ME110    
1999 Tom Sparkes         Alan Place Avro 504    
1998 Mike Minty         Stan Begg P40E    
1997 Mike Minty         Stan Begg P40E    
1996           Ron Lucas Pitts Special    
1995           Marty Cowan Storch    
1994           Mike Minty DLV    
1993           Mike Minty DLV    
1990           Alan Place      
1987 Simon Cornish                
1986 Doug Radford                
1985 Mike Minty         Doug Radford Luton Minor    
1984           Mike Minty Magister    
1983           Mike Linnett      
1982           John Power Hanriot    


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