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       Copy  to Fire Service Control officers George Shepperd and Craig Geddes

                           RFS      KamberRoad, Terry Hills,  9450  3000





If there are bush fires generally in the northern suburbs of Sydney then common sense would suggest that members take responsibility for their need to travel to the field under such circumstances.


The usual wind and temperature conditions during a high/extreme/catastrophic bush fire alert would certainly be not favorable to flying, either fixed wing or helicopter.  


This recommendation applies to the case of fires breaking out in our field/access vicinity from  natural or unnatural reasons when such a condition would not reasonably be expected.

(NOTE: If you are stupid enough to travel to the field when the Fire Services advice is contrary to such a decision on that day then the following advice also applies!)




[a]On becoming aware that a fire is in the vicinity, then cease all flying and pack up in preparation for an orderly exodus.


[b] Using your gate key open the “Limbo Bar lock” from the pipe at the western end of the field.  Secure the pin in the pipe.  Open the adjacent wire fence gate and remove barriers to the track.  This will enable vehicle & emergency vehicle access to the field as a safety area.  In the event that the situation changes the field will become a refuge and air evacuation point.


[c] Establish the basic direction of the fire.

      *If this is in a direction clear of the track access to Morgan Road then proceed to leave, ensuring that the white gate remains open with the pin locked in the hasp.

       * Depart the area after ensuring that all persons at the field have vacated the site.

        * Keep the access from Morgan Road clear for Emergency Services vehicles.

        * If Emergency Services are already in attendance then report the fact that the field has been totally vacated and the field can be used as a safe area for fire fighting personnel.







[a]If the direction of the fire is upwind of the access track to Morgan Road then the closeness of the fire would be your decision as to either adopting the 1st IA or going to the 2nd A.   On no account attempt to drive the road if it is possible that the attempt will need to be aborted mid way.  The access track needs to be kept clear for emergency Service vehicles.


[b]NOTE:  Should the Morgan Road access track be not an option then it is recommended that no travel on any other access tracks in any direction be considered. 


[c] the action recommended is;

     * pack up and move yourself and your vehicle to the field by carrying out action in [b] of the 1st IA.


[d] Notify 000 of how many people are on the field and that the address whilst in Council records as    130 MADANG RD BELROSE  it is in effect


                                  OFF MORGAN ROAD BELROSE


                                              UBD  MAP  156;  Q5   


[e] Leave a large area clear for helicopters to land for evacuation purposes.


[f] If a member has a key to the mower Container then if deemed safe to do so, remove mowers to the centre of the field. 


Subsequent action will depend on the outcome of the fire emergency and directions from Police/Fire Officers.




Brian Porman,

Secretary for WRCS Committee.



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