A quick note of thanks to the dozen or so people that turned up for the working bee last Saturday morning. We've manged to clear the silt from the entrance to the bridge, install a couple of drainage ditches, remove some tree roots, clear some dead wood, cut back some bush to make a better fire break around the western shed, spread some soil heaps and generally make the place a bit more presentable. 

If you are driving down the lane to/from the field and notice some overgrowing bush, feel free to clear it back a bit (the trail needs to be clear enough to allow a fire engine to pass through). Also, if you notice any potholes in the trail, it's worth stopping and throwing in a few small rocks from the side of the trail. Over time they get pressed down and help keep the road smooth, which reduces the frequency that we need to have a commercial operator work on it - saving club funds!



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