Here are the results for 2018 after biplane day:



Here are the final results of the year. Congratulations to Mike Minty and a good run from George, just pipping Dave at the post.



Here are the final results for 2015. Congratualtions to David Foster on winning the club championship:

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Here are the final results for 2016. Congratulations to David Foster - Club Champion 2016, and Mike Minty, runner up with just a 5 point gap! 

In case the numbers awarded seem confusing, the allocation of placing points varies based on the number of competitiors in an event and this is covered in the event rules HERE. Hopefully the actual points awarded reflect the intention of the event rules!


Here are the final standings for 2014. Congratualtions to Mike Minty on a fine win, and to David Foster as runner-up this year:


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