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We don't always celebrate our successes, but here are a couple that are worth knowing about:

The success of an ex-WRCS member - Peter Goldsmith

As a very young boy Peter Goldsmith got the itch for RC flying when he watched models flying at Terrey Hills/Belrose, where the PAR 3 golf course is at the Mona Vale Rd/Forest Way NW corner.

The model club had to vacate following some unwanted interaction with cars!  Our early founders ferreted out the disused sandstone quarry site in the Belrose bush and subsequent building waste site that you now currently enjoy as the WRCS field.

Peter Goldsmith became a WRCS member and then went on to become an Australian champion. He moved to the United States many moons ago and became a mover and shaker in the RC world.

This year he won the 2016 “Top Gun” award at the Paradise Field, Lakeland Airport, Florida.   Congratulations Peter.

Google Peter Goldsmith Top Gun 2016 and be gobsmacked at the size of his F104 Starfighter.   The fuselage is over 11 ft long [3.3m].

Then watch the interview with a Model Airplane News reporter and you'll see that Peter has had over 600 flights with this model. The August issue of Model Airplane News has a full report.

Peter has been with Horizon Hobbies for many years and is Product Manager. We hope he remembers his chums, grubbing about in the Australian bush.


Closer to home, a current member - Kelvin King 

Most of you will have seen Kelvin pushing his aerobatic planes into positions that no plane should have to endure, and his performance wowed the crowd at our Spring Scale Day back in 2015. 

Kelvin competes on the national circuit with his Extreme Flight Yak54 - 110" span with a DA120 petrol engine, and you may have noticed how he warms up the engine very carefully (using telemetry to check progress) before he releases the aircraft to taxi out. There's a lot of precision involved in making these planes fly to their best.

Anyway, Kelvin happens to have won, outright, his last 3 Sportsman competitions, so he is now the MAAA national champion at Sportsman class. That doesn't mean that he can't learn a thing or two from all of us in the armchair judiciary that remark on the antics of the young guns, so feel free to give him a bit of advice - preferably after he has landed and cut the engine!

Oh, and the rumour is that we are going to need to widen the gap from shed to pits, because apparently 110" isn't really big enough these days...but Kelvin asked me not to mention that, so keep it to yourself until the evidence presents itself. 

Congratulations Kelvin!


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