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I’m pleased to say that the NSW Premier announced, Sunday 10th May, that outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people will be allowed, for recreational purposes, starting from Friday 15th May. That means that we will be able to fly, again, at the WRCS field starting on Friday.

As the limit is a maximum of 10 people, and we do need to observe this, here are a few thoughts:

We must still observe the 1.5 metres for social distancing. No hugging, handshaking or cuddling, however much you’ve missed your clubmates

  • If you haven’t already done so, you might want to consider downloading the CovidSafe app. It’s there to help protect you, and also to protect others
  • Please, while we are limited to 10, everyone coming should be coming to fly. If someone brings a visitor, that’s one less space for a pilot
  • We’ll put up some reminder signs about social distancing, and we’ll also install some spacers on the flight line so that pilots stand the required distance apart
  • If you have finished flying, and there are close to ten people there, please don’t hang around because you will count towards the ten limit
  • If you can, try and come at one of the quieter times, particularly if you are coming for instruction, or bringing someone who requires instruction (as long as the instructor doesn’t mind, of course). Busiest times are Saturday morning, Friday morning, Tuesday morning and Sunday afternoon generally
  • Some of our members will be working Monday to Friday and will only be able to fly at the weekend, so please accommodate them if at all possible
  • On Friday morning, we have a few people who turn up early to mow, edge, clear-up and prepare the field. If you are coming on a Friday but not doing maintenance, please consider coming after, say, 10:30, to give our maintenance volunteers a fair go at a fly after they have finished working on the field

We should be able to work within the 10 limit, and it’s up to all of us to make sure that we don’t exceed this. There’s always a bit of weed pulling or tidying needed if there are already 10 people flying, and I suggest putting your flying box at the end of the path where it branches left and right so that you have indicated that you are up, next, when someone leaves. With a bit of care we should get away without the need to put up a roster system.

As an aside, you’ll see that there has been a fair bit going on at the field. The windsocks have been repaired and new socks installed, undergrowth has been cleared so that the poles and windsocks are visible, drains have been dredged and cleared, fences repaired, gaps made wider, new disabled parking spaces have been installed, with more room for loading and unloading, the road has had a fair amount of repair work, and a big thank you, please, to the guys that have been labouring to keep things in sensational condition. The repairs for the road outside of the main gate have been organised, but have not yet taken place, so drive that bit with extra care. We do need to lay some more material in the parking area and the new parking bays, but the surface, there, needs some compression first to settle it before a top layer is added, so please drive onto the areas and flat down any lumps and bumps in the process. To the left of the set-down point (bridge entrance) we are in the process of installing a large drainpipe and will then widen the parking space that is right next to this. For the moment, please don’t park too near new drain trench, because that ground is soft and not ready for traffic.

That’s it for now. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone back at the field, and catching up with the new creations that this downtime has allowed us to create. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.


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