We've got permission to use these photographs now. Fantastic to see the field as a quarry in the 1970s, briefly as a film set (whilst it was already an airfield) in the 80s, and as it is now (the last image is the one submitted to CASA for our site approval).

A reminder to all that the 1st club night of 2016 is on TUESDAY 2nd Feb, 7:30pm, Belreose Bowls Club.

Ever wondered what our members do when they aren't flying? Kell Steinman designed boats, including a rather nice ship for the South Australian Government - see http://oneandallship.com.au/

Also, have a look at how our flying field looked back in 1972 (as a quarry) and in the early 80's when it was a film set. Be quick, before the article disappears: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/northern-beaches/buildings-in-the-bush-were-just-for-show/news-story/3f39778ca19c3403400b016a4d963561 


The President of ANSW has issued an update on the voting carried out at the December General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting. His report can be viewed by clicking HERE.  

Perhaps we should tell our tame mate that this is NOT where flying lizards come from!


Scale Day 25th Oct 2015

Well ……… who would have thought it! Not only was the place crowded with models but thronged with people and so many cars that the parking places were filled to overflowing and were being turned away at the gate meaning many spectators WALKED to the field! The weather Gods were smiling, pleasant wind strength and lots of sunshine.

Here’s a view of the spectators from the pits in the late morning – and there were more to come.

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