As most of you will know, WRCS supported the recent Wenona Transport Showcase Event, with David Bolstad, Richard Owens and David Menzies displaying a range of aircraft, talking to students and running a flight simulator for students to try out their flying skills. The following thank-you has been received from Andy Draper - the Director of the programme:

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Biplane Day2nd July 2016

Well what do you expect in mid-winter ……. it was bloody cold at 9.00am that Sunday morning as the crowd gathered for the Annual Biplane event, and it was a gathering! By ten o’clock there were 14 planes from a tiny foamie to Doug’s big Tiger moth waiting to fly (best turn out for some years) but sadly they had to wait – it was windy! For a number of pilots it was too windy and they were not prepared to risk their valuable wings.

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We don't always celebrate our successes, but here are a couple that are worth knowing about:

The success of an ex-WRCS member - Peter Goldsmith

As a very young boy Peter Goldsmith got the itch for RC flying when he watched models flying at Terrey Hills/Belrose, where the PAR 3 golf course is at the Mona Vale Rd/Forest Way NW corner.

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Club Night and AGM - Tuesday 28th June

6pm onwards

Please try to attend the Club Night and AGM on 28th June. You can renew your membership, in person, from 6pm onwards. You'll need your signed renewal form, old key and payment (cheque is preferred). 

As usual, there will be light refreshments, and the usual order of business with the AGM and club night - a great opportunity to chat about things that the club does, or could do, and to hear about how the club has been running for the past year, and plans going forward. 

Mike Minty has written a fine report on the latest scale day, and a big thank you to Jody Redfern for taking some fantastic photos.

You can download Mike's report in PDF form by clicking HERE.

The gallery is available on our main gallery page - HERE. Thanks to Ronny for uploading the photos.