You can download the full event report for reading by clicking HERE.

Sunday 30th April is our 1st Scale Day of this calendar year. 

The field will be closed to sport flying for the day - it's scale aircraft only, with a break for one-make pylon at lunchtime. 

Test flying from 9am, pilot briefing at 9:30 and, as usual, and there will be a sausage sizzle, cold and hot drinks available. 

Everyone welcome.

Click HERE to download the race report, in all its grizzly detail!


Just a heads-up that Saturday 12th August is a new event for our club, this year, in response to a number of requests for a non-competitive scale event.

All members are invited, and visitors are welcome. 

The event will run from 8am to 5pm and will include:

1) Barbecue - the gas barbecue will be available for all members to use. Please bring your own food and drinks. The club won't be catering this one

2) Scale fun fly - no judging, no competition, just a general scale sport event

3) open and sport flying - bring and fly whatever you want

4) Quirky stuff - we'll have a lighthearted competition for people who like flying diesels, vintage, autogyros, flying toilet seats and other wierd stuff - especially home designed!

5) Boot sale - bring your own tressle and try and shift your treasure (and trash). This replaces the trash and treasure acution for this year

6) Racing - tiger/scanner, open IC pylon, open electric pylon, and maybe some slow stuff as well.

The idea is that this will be a casual event, all for fun, and we hope that members and their families will come along and support it.


Another great glider day, finally, on 25th March 2017. Click here to open and read the full report (give it a few moments to download).