The one-make competition schedule for 2015 looks like the following:

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On Saturday 7th February, a working bee is taking place from around 8am to clear some of the small weed bushes that have taken root at the bottom of the field, between the runway and the dip in the ground. There won't be any flying until this is complete, but it should be done by 9am if enough people muck in.

These bushes can generally be pulled out by a single person, and a large team will make light work of it.

If you can, please turn up to help and bring some heavy gloves if you have sensitive hands!



Do you know what to do if someone collapses at the flying field and stops breathing? If not, spending 6 minutes watching the video at this LINK could be time well spent. This video shows a CPR technique suggested for heart attacks. 

As a bare minimum, if there's a suspected heart attack, or someone collapses and stops breathing, it is important that:


  1. Someone checks them very quickly
  2. Someone calls the emergency services immediately - and please indicate that the road to the filed is rough so that an offroad ambulance can be sent if necessary
  3. Someone attends the gate to make sure it is unlocked and the emergency team have quick access
  4. Someone administers CPR whilst waiting for the emergency team
Stephen MacMahon also gave us some very useful information about 3 years ago, which you can read at this LINK.
With our glider comp rapidly approaching I thought it would be a good idea to get some practise and, at the same time see if we could knock off our Gold Wings. So Sunday the 25th Jan was set for the day when 6 of us would gather to try our skills. Unfortunately it was a real Sun-day with forecasts of 35C on the chart so only 3 of us braved the elements.

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It's nearly Glider Day (Feb 8th) and most of us haven't flown them since last Glider Day!


So, dust them off and come to the field on Sunday 25th Jan in the afternoon and we will get out the bungee and the spot for a bit of practice. If you are feeling really keen you can have a try for your Thermal Glider Gold Wings. It's not too difficult and will impress chicks!