So glider day had a huge 3 people turn up for electric, and 2 potential competitors for thermal (so that didn't run). The results are at this LINK. Congratulations to those who were able to attend.

Please book Autumn Scale Day in your diary now: MOVED TO Sunday 3rd June from 9am

It's a day for scale aircraft of all types, plenty of flying, plenty of fun, a round of one make pylon racing at lunch time (Scanner or Tiger, 46 or smaller motor, APC 11x6 prop, club supplies fuel, no modifications allowed!). Visitors and guests are welcome, and we all rely on plenty of participation to make it a big day. Please come along and fly, or get involved in judging, helping out, eating the sausages. Looking forward to seeing you there.


If you are a member of WRCS, please consider putting your hand up to help the volunteers who look after our website and facebook page.

We need member's articles - build stories, event reviews, product reviews (avoiding anything that you could be sued for publishing), technical hints and ideas - with pictures if you have them. We can take them in Word or similar with pictures as JPEGs, or in PDF format if you'd prefer them to just be downloaded rather than published as a web page.

We also need an editor to take responsibility for the website, current information, updates, reviewing and publishing artilces submitted. You do need to be reasonably technical - in your comfort zone with Joomla or, at least, able to pick up the ball and run with it, nad you do need a firm grasp on what is, and isn't, suitable for publication. 

At the moment, Jody looks after images, Ronny and Michal look after website structure and Clive looks after content, and only Stan and Mike have submitted any articles in recent history. If you'd like to participate, let Clive know. There will be a meeting to discuss the website and plans for its future, probably around Tuesday 6th March.

Our roving reporter, Mr Minty, has done a write up on his trip to West Wyalong, where the skies are big and the beards are bigger. Click HERE to read it!


The following has been received from the MAAA for publication. For clarification for WRCS club members, this does not affect flying at our Belrose field. This field is already approved and documented with CASA and already had a 400ft ceiling in place. 


The MAAA Executive are pleased to receive the Explanatory Statement and Exemption  EX 156/17. (See links below) This Exemption is against operations near controlled aerodromes and operations above 400ft, as stated in Directive CASA 96/17.

It is considered that the exemption returns the normal club operations back to where they were prior to the directive CASA 96/17.

In issuing the exemption it has to refer to MAAA operations within our MOPs.  Linked below are MOP004 Ceiling Height Extension and MOP061 Policy Model Near Full Size Aerodromes which have been amended ,CASAs wording, in section 5A of both documents. These MOPs are live on the MAAA website.

This wording is locked in and requires CASA approval to amend it which will also then require a new Instrument to be issued. The wording is nothing more than what clubs would /should do in the normal safe operations and adds an additional visible buffer for clubs and members in the event of any changes to model flying requirements which may be handed down in the future.

Operations within 1nm of an aerodrome is an addition and if State Associations have any clubs  operating within this distance, please ensure that the club has the necessary Letters of Agreement and the club is made aware of the requirements under the Exemption.

Link to CASA exemption HERE

Link to explanatory notes HERE

Link to MOP004 (temp height ceiling) HERE

Link to MOP061 (models near full size airports) HERE

Stan has finished his Tri Pacer. Want to read the story? Does it fly? Go to Member's Articles by clicking HERE and you can read all 8 parts of the build story, along with a lot of other good stuff.